June 28, 2017


Quê Hương Café is the culmination of a generations long family tradition of coffee cultivation and devotion. Our founders, a husband and wife team, have been a part of the world of coffee, in one way or another, since the 1960’s. The Mrs. of the team can recall the lush coffee groves that she grew up on in the famous region of Ban Mê Thuột. It was here, on her family plantation, where she met her would be husband and business partner. His attention to detail and commitment to quality lead him to seek out the best locally grown beans he could find in Vietnam, eventually ending up at his wife’s family groves. Together, they were able to develop a small batch roasting technique that allowed the high-quality beans to reach their fullest potential and to gain a loyal following.

After several years growing their coffee business in Vietnam, the couple and their growing family were forced to give up all they worked for and move to America. In 2016, they were ready to pick up where they left off in Vietnam and start a new coffee business in the US. This time though, they were able to invest in more advanced roasting machines allowing for better control and now can search all over the world for the very best beans. After years of tireless testing and roasting, they have developed a coffee worthy of the family pedigree. In 2018, they launched Quê Hương Café Ban Mê Thuột, a coffee that is perfect for Vietnamese style brews but still great for everyday enjoyment.

With the Quê Hương Le Colonial Blend, you will find a bold dark roast that will work well with the traditional phin filters and sweetened condensed milk, creating a rich and aromatic coffee that will take you back to the cafes of Ban Mê Thuột.

The House Blend, also relies on high quality beans, sourced from around the world and roasted to the peak of perfection allowing the best aromas to come through.

Join us, as we continue this journey in coffee devotion that started generations ago and enjoy our signature blends and roasts. Of course, other styles will be coming soon!